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The home of the world’s most stylish travel clothes for women.

Our designer range of travel clothing offers you something no other can – worry-free wearing. Why? Because our clothing is constructed using the finest Italian and French materials and is designed to be highly durable and lightweight, unlike other designer clothing which is constructed with the implicit assumption it will only be worn a few times at most.Anatomie’s high performance garments are made using an innovative mix of versatile, high performance fibers used to create designer clothing that is lightweight, durable and comfortable. With these above attributes in mind, Anatomie’s fashion clothing is designed to last, and that means it washes without color fade and dries wrinkle-free, making them the perfect travel clothes for women.And not just for traveling.

Anatomie clothing is transitional: whether you’re sipping a cocktail in a first-class airport lounge or at a beach bar, whichever Anatomie piece you are wearing you’ll be sure to feel comfortable in its form-fitting, elegant design – as once said by influential fashion designer Mary Quant, “The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don’t wear her.”

If you dress in Anatomie then you’re always dressed for the occasion.

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